Hi, I'm Chris and I’m a wedding and nature addict.

I've been capturing love stories behind the lens for a whopping 11 years. Yep, that's a whooooole lot of weddings!

Nature is my thing, and I'm all about infusing that love into your wedding photos. Whether it's the symmetry of a row of trees, the glow of sunlight filtering through a lush forest canopy or the sun setting over the rolling hills of a mountain range, I'm there to capture those raw, authentic moments.

I've seen it all – from tear-jerking vows to dance floor shenanigans – and I thrive on turning those moments into memories you'll cherish forever. My style is all about keeping it real and letting your personalities shine through.

So, if you're into good vibes, a laid-back atmosphere, maybe a little bit of adventure and a sarcastic photographer that can crack a joke, I'm your guy! Let's chat, grab a coffee, and start planning how we can make your wedding day a story worth telling. I can't wait to be a part of your journey!